TWO OF THE BIGGEST ICONS in the Real Estate Industry

Chuck and Angela Fazio

Very few people have achieved the level of success in the real estate industry that Chuck and Angela have. Starting out being broke and close to getting out of the business, they made a miraculous turnaround. Within a few short years, they were ranked in the top 1% of agents in the country. They grew a team that was also ranked as one of the top teams. In 2005 they opened up their real estate brokerage.

Through their hard work, tools and systems, coaching and training and the grace of God, they created one of the largest and most successful single office brokerages in the world. In 2017 they built a 21,000 sf, incredible real estate building. By 2019, their company was selling almost 2 billion a year! In 2020 they moved to the EXP Realty platform and have grown one of the largest international group of agents of over 8,300!

Watch their short introduction video below and get to know The Iconic Power Couple and how they can dramatically change your life and business forever.


Real Estate Agents

  • Grow with exclusive online training and resources.
  • Weekly live workshops that will help you tackle your greatest challenges and crush your goals.
  • Up your business with our lead generating and CRM website.
    We will teach you how to generate, convert leads and nurture your database.
  • ​Surround yourself with incredible producers who share their playbook and will help you grow your business.
  • ​Create multiple opportunities for building wealth.
  • ​Learn how to create process and procedure in your business to foster maximum growth.
  • ​Develop strong and innovative ways of reaching new clients and fostering repeat and referral business.

Build 7 to 8 Figure Businesses

  • Many agents make the same huge mistake. They build their business with ONLY one revenue system.
  • Our Tiered Partnership Framework is a plan for business growth based on the principles that Chuck and Angela use not only to scale their business to 8 figures, but to help many of their partners make millions.
  • Get clarity, business insight and relevant feedback as you engage with like-minded successful business owners in discussions and masterminds.
  • ​Get the perfect combination of proven  systems, knowledge, and accountability that help us coach many millionaires.
  • ​We will teach you our secrets that helped us build an 8 figure income.
  • ​Surround yourself with the right people who know that there is power in a strong, forward thinking mindset with endless growth potential.


Tammy Pack

Mega Producer - Team Leader

"Partnering with Chuck has brought so much energy AND synergy to my business! He is always ready to hop on a call to help me get un-stuck or to help encourage and bring clarity to members of my expansion team. What a valuable asset they are!"

Kyle Whissel

San Diego's #1 Team

"One of my favorite parts of of being partners with them is having legends like them who have built a 900 agent brokerage mentoring me. Their experience of building something so epic has proven to be more valuable than anything money can buy. Their willingness to share and help is second to none."

Gogo Bethke

Top Real Estate Social Media Expert

"Could you imagine being in business with someone who built one of the largest real estate companies in the world? Who has overseen 9Billion in production, yes billion with a “B”! What if I told you I have them on speed dial and they actually answer? We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. I would rather be Nemo with a room full of sharks! They are the great whites of sharks!"

Jesse Dau

#1 Youtube Real Estate Agent in the world.

"Having them in my network has been extremely beneficial! They always made themselves available for when we need them. The values, vision, and collaboration they bring to the table is invaluable and unmatched. I couldn’t be more thankful to work with them!"

Jay Kinder

CEO National Association of Expert Advisors

"I’ve always focused on learning from the most successful people I can find. There is nobody in the real estate industry I have more respect for than Chuck and Angela Fazio. I can’t even imagine building a company like they did. When they talk I listen. So proud and honored to be business partners with them."

Kristen Cantrel

Real Estate's Top Recruiter

"I've worked with Chuck and Angela for 6yrs and I will say there has never been a dull moment.They love thinking HUGE, getting you out of your comfort zone and will help you experience massive success.They truly want success for others and constantly provide opportunities to get there."

Tina Caul

Mega Team Lead & TedX Speaker

 “To build a business with such a powerful couple in the industry is priceless and a game changer for me and my family.”

Curtis Shewell

Business Mentor

"To have 2 Icons in this industry that reached a level of success that few have achieved, is invaluable. If you are fortunate enough, like I am, to get to work with them don't pass it up!"

Michelle Saward


“They are some of the brightest minds in real estate I have come across in all my years of selling homes. They are always available for support and advice. That is a big deal in this industry.”

Brent Gove

International Team Leader

"Partnering with Chuck and Angela has been Revolutionary!!! They have big visions and the heart to match that translates to a life worth living! I couldn’t be happier."

Michael Reese

Top Producing Agent, Author

"I am extremely fortunate to call them partners. In business it is very rare to find people willing to give with nothing expected in return. They are big thinkers and doers which makes everyone around them raise their standard. They are partners that you realize quickly you will accomplish more together than apart. Always pushing you to be the best person of yourself."

Cliff Freeman

International Real Estate Coach

"Angela and Chuck are true thought leaders in our industry. They are blazing the trail for agents to follow, leading to prosperity and abundance that the 5 pillars of income at eXp provide. There are no better partners with whom to align than these two!”
It takes hustle, heart, the right partners and a solid plan to win at business. We know exactly what it takes to create huge success. We prove it over and over with our actions and results. Partner with us and we will give you the path and the partnerships you need to lead a peak-performing business.

Our success speaks for itself.

Overseen over 40,000 homes sold and 9 billion in sales.
RIS Media's Billionaire's Club
Real Trends Top 500 Power Brokers
Swanepools Mega 1000
Dave Ramsey's Momentum Award
Business Journal Top Brokers
Wall Street Journal's Top Real Estate Companies


As Iron Sharpens Iron One Man Sharpens Another

You get direct access to the two most sought out people in the Real Estate industry and their Inner Circle Team. Their team is made up of top producing agents, team leaders and mentors who are committed to seize growth opportunities. They will be there to inspire, support, train and encourage you. From live support calls to a vibrant online community, you will have all the support you need.


 5 Star Best Selling Authors: 
Mastering Your Real Estate Career
"This book was amazing. Simple and straight to the point - reiterating key points often so that it sank in. I just joined Angela and Chuck’s team recently and reading their book made me even happier with my decision. This book will be a guideline for me to follow in their footsteps and I wish I’d have had it 8 months ago when I got my license or even before I made the decision to pursue it. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the business or even considering real estate as a career!" -Lorna H

"This book is a must read especially for anyone thinking about a new career in Real Estate. Chuck and Angela tell it like it is and how they were in the trenches all the way to their rise to success. They are fantastic leaders and mentors! Highly recommend this book!!"  -Red Johnson



"We Rise By Lifting Others Up..."
  Chuck and Angela Fazio


You can schedule a live complimentary strategy zoom meeting with 2 of the biggest Icons in the Real Estate industry. Learn their secrets on how they built an 8 figure business!

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